How to test cannabis?

How to test for THC/CBD and other cannabinoids: If you are going to use psychoactive substances, you first need a test kit to check their purity and potency. Cannabis products such as grass, hashish, oil, edibles cannot be identified by appearance. Test your sample with a disposable or reusable cannabis testing kit.

CBD/THC testing kits are recommended

The recommended reusable CBD/THC Reagent Test Kit includes Hemp (4-AP), Zimmermann reagents and a magnifying glass. The reagents help rule out the presence of synthetic cannabinoids and measure the potency of CBD and THC. Combine the reagents with the TLC Cannabinoid Test Kit to reveal the full cannabinoid profile and estimate the percentage of THC and CBD potency. Use fentanyl strips to detect fentanyl.

The CBD / THC Test Kit is suitable for all types of cannabis products.

Cannabis Reagent (4-AP) indicates whether a sample contains mostly THC (blue color change), mostly CBD (pink or purple color change), or no cannabinoids at all. Confirming a THC-dominant sample helps rule out the presence of synthetic cannabinoids. Zimmermann's reagent helps detect CBD and compare CBD potency between samples.

How to test for THC strength?

Cannabis (4-AP) reagent detects whether a sample is THC or CBD dominant. If the sample is THC dominant, then there is a very low risk that the sample will contain synthetic cannabinoids, as indicated by the laboratory results. For a more accurate THC strength percentage, use the TLC Cannabinoid Test Kit .

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