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Complete reagent test kit

Complete reagent test kit

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Complete reagent testing kit for testing over 700 substances (including cannabis, cocaine, 2-cb, amphetamine, methamphetamine, mdma, mda, opioids, benzodiazepines, mephedrone (kr/crystals/bathsalts), LSD/DMT and others).

With the help of this set of reagents, you can test your existing materials and detect impurities. One of the most accurate ways to learn more and explore your materials. The set consists of 11 reagents - Cannabis, Ehrlich, Hofmann, Froehde, Marquis, Mecke, Morris, Liebermann, Robadope, Simon's and Zimmermann / Beam.

WARNING: Fentanyl test strips are required to detect fentanyl. This reagent kit cannot detect fentanyl.

Reagent testing shows whether a certain substance is present in a sample. However, it does not indicate the PURITY or QUANTITY of the substance. Purity and quantity can be determined with the help of TLC test kits.
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